Nathan D. St. Pierre
I fix stuff before it breaks. And then again when it inevitably does.
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Nathan St.

For the past thirteen years I've been paying the bills as a web developer, and I think I'm pretty good at it. I read a ton of blogs and I constantly work on my craft even in my off-hours. But to be fair, no one starts out that way.

I also write novels in my spare time and develop games for the sake of creating interactive stories and combining my other talents. In spite of all of that, I got my degree in music composition.

I really enjoy solving problems, but that's just a part of what I do. I was told that the happiest mechanic builds cars on their own time at home. To some degree, that is exactly the kind of person I am.

All that being said, creating things is its own reward: sometimes all you want to do is make something that makes someone else stop for a second and think about what you do. So I share those things in the hopes that other people will like to make stuff too, and the cycle of neat stuff being built continues.


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BAND comic
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Meticulous Failure
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Limited Immunity
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